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I can't praise enough the positive effect Donna has had in my daughter's life. She's helped her embrace the challenge presented by dyslexia and navigate things so many of us take for granted. And ... as a bonus, she does it all with great warmth, patience and humor (no extra charge).

Donna is always welcoming my son with a smile and compliments him on the work he does after the session. The tutoring has been amazing for him. It is presented in a way that makes sense and he does not forget it! He has even taught a rule about spelling to his younger brother! As a result of the tutoring twice a week, he has seen a significant increase in his reading and spelling ability. Currently in 4th grade, his reading index scores have gone from 422  (early 3rd grade level) to a 898 now (5th grade level). He even earned all A's this past trimester. In turn, that has built his confidence tremendously and he goes to school with a smile on his face. Priceless!

Our daughter is in 3rd grade and has been working with Donna for the last six months. Donna's knowledge, commitment, and ongoing feedback have been nothing but stellar. My husband and I as well as our daughter find great value in Donna's teaching values and are now seeing results in the classroom for which we hadn't before seen. Thanks to Donna's expertise our daughter has more confidence as well as more tools in her toolbox to enable her to unlock the complexities of reading.

We are grateful to Donna and look forward to continued progress.

Each lesson is a little bit at a time which makes it easier to learn. We review the information many different ways so it stays with me. My tutor is very nice and very helpful. She makes it easy to learn everything. She has helped me build my confidence and believe in myself. I like going to tutoring because she is fun and nice.

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